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Who are we?
At Garage Door Max, high standards, is our standard. When you’re happy, so are we!

Our engineers have years of experience in the industry and no problem related to garage doors can surprise them. They’re well trained and use only the best equipment. Your garage doors are safe in our hands.

Oh, and we provide a full warranty on our huge range of parts.

Our Main Services

Mario Mainella

I Needed a repair done. They were polite, professional and very good. Would definitely recommend them and use their services in the future.

kirsty smith

We gave Garage Door Max a call because our garage door wouldn’t close. The repair guy showed up quickly and got to work without delay. We are glad that he was able to get the garage door up and running in no time. We highly recommend them.

Cristi Currin

I called this garage door repair service because my brother broke our remote. I’m thankful that they have an efficient and quick technician.

Lawrence Lo

My garage OH Door springs broke. I made a call to Garage Door Max at around 11:30. I explained my predicament and they sent someone over shortly after 1:00 PM. The door was repaired by 2:30.
Thank you guys, excellent service and workmanship.

We proudly serve the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph communities.

We’re locally owned and operated as we always have and always will.

All of our fitters have years in industry and vast experience of giving excellent customer service. They make sure the quote you get is the quote they mean, no nasty surprises here. And, they’ll get the job done right the first time.

As we all know too well, life can be unpredictable.

Disasters or inconveniences can strike at any time. Whether you’ve been late for work and late taking the kids to school, don’t let it be because of a neglected garage door issue.

The professionals at Garage Door Max Repairs are here to help you. With years of expertise and a genuine love for our community, helping our region is what we do.

There’s not much our eyes haven’t in the garage door or gate repair industry. Whether it’s new cables or new springs, we can handle it all.

Commercial garage doors are serious business!

We know in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge or Guelph areas that commercial garage doors are serious business. With rollup doors and commercial gates, these can be the lifeline of your company to help things run smoothly.

Broken equipment means less revenue, and who wants that?! Thankfully, we don’t just cover residential areas, we also cover a wide array of commercial doors too.

Locally Owned and Professional Garage Door Services

Reliable, Fast, No surprises!

Garage door not opening?

Need a quick fix?

Call us now and we’ll send over a professional technician. We are skilled in handling a variety of garage brands, styles and configurations.

Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience.

On some parts, sure! However, garage doors can be extremely hazardous because of their finicky parts and large weight and size. Sometimes, things are best left to a

We sure do! Here’s just some examples:

  • Tune-ups
  • Openers (replacing or repairing)
  • Cables replacement
  • Spring replacement
  • Gates

One of our engineers will come to visit your home and do a through inspection of excessive wear and tear and service your door or gate plus any minor repairs.

With some many variants that go into a quote, we’d just be guessing! Give us a call and
we’ll help provide you with something more accurate.

If your door doesn’t open at all or all the way, the spring could be broken. Give us a call
and we’ll give you some free advice.

There are various conditions that contribute to their life such as:

  • Size
  • Type
  • Material
  • Style and color
  • Insulation

You are our TOP priority!

Nothing to us as a company, is more important than the customers’ satisfaction. That’s why we don’t just stop at repairs! If you have any questions that relate to your garage door, perhaps aesthetic advice and increasing value to your home, just ask – it’s what we do.

From our experience when attending callouts, we find that many customers leave their garage door work unattended for far too long. If you wouldn’t leave the work on
your front door, don’t leave it for your garage door!

To prolong the life of your garage door, regular maintenance and upkeep is highly recommended. It can save a big bill in the long run and keep it looking, sounding and feeling great!

Our Blog

Garage Door Max Repair & Install

Garage Door Max | Repair & Installation Services

Garage doors are an integral part of our home.

They are not only for aesthetics, but also for safety.

If you are looking for the best garage door installation, replacement, and repair in Kitchener,  then check us out at Garage Door Max. 

We offer the best prices for high-quality services.

It is true that because we use them several times a day, the continuous opening and closing put a lot of strain on garage doors.

This repetitive motion can make them more susceptible to damages and problems.

Our garage doors have this complex mechanism; when one part of this mechanism fails, it can affect the doors’ whole systemic operation.

It might even lead to total garage door replacement, which can be equally expensive as having them installed.

Fear not, for here are common problems and simple tips on garage door repair that you can just wing with DIY or Do-It-Yourself.

Annoying and Screeching Noise When Garage Door is Activated?

Squeaky sections, loose hardware, or shabby parts are the most common complaints or problems.

They cause the most annoying, screeching noise that can ruin the day.

Although it is the most common, it is also one of the most manageable problems when it comes to garage doors.

Most often than not, these noises that seemingly come out of nowhere can be a sign that your garage door needs lubrication.

When this happens, try applying a generous amount of silicon-based lubricant or use some good old garage door spray lube directly on the squeaky part.

If that does not solve the problem, it may be best to contact us, and we will check it for you.

Garage Door Opens by Itself?

The garage door’s ghost opening might indicate that there is something wrong with the door’s mechanism. 

To fix this, we can try doing any of these two steps. 

First, we check for debris. 

Garage doors have several safety features, and one of them is the sensors found on the sides of the garage door opening.

These sensors work to make sure that nothing uncanny gets stuck underneath the door every time it closes. 

When your garage door is opening by itself after closing, you might want to clear any debris and particles such as dust build-up that the sensor is conveniently picking up.

Second, check for radio interference.

Believe it or not, our garage doors use radio frequency for their opening and closing function.

Yes, even when we are using our remote opener, passcode entry, or just the mere buttons inside the garage itself.

Other devices also use radio frequency to operate like the police or CB radio and even our neighbor’s garage door.

In an instance where your neighbor’s garage door has been accidentally programmed to the same frequency as yours, it might be the reason why your garage door opens by itself.

Whenever the neighbors’ open their garage door, it might cause yours to open too!

To solve this, you can just reset your garage door openers.

However, if it does not fix the problem, it may be best to consult us at Garage Door Max for professional advice.

Gaps and Cracks

Having cracks, especially in wooden doors, is a common problem. 

A simple remedy to these cracks to keep them from worsening is using a waterproof sealant or filler to fill the cracks.

However, if the gaps and cracks can be found in the weather sealant, you might need to replace it with a new one.

Weather sealant is an essential part of your garage door, as they keep the water out.

Not only that, but these weather sealants help in sealing air leaks as well as reduce street noise.

Damaging Rust Formation

Rusting does not only damage your door, aesthetic wise.

It also compromises your garage doors’ ability to prevent particle build-up from external elements.

After being exposed to air or water for a long time, iron can be susceptible to rust formation.

If this happens, you can remove it by these simple steps.

First, you should clean the affected area with dishwashing soap.

Next, scrub the rust using a cloth soaked in any type of vinegar.

You might not know it, but vinegar is a natural remedy that removes rust.

Lastly, you can sand the rusted part, and if it does not render your warranty invalid, you can also apply a coat of primer and a brand new paint.

It does not only solve your rust problem but can also give your garage door a brand new look.

Need some professional help?

Just a little reminder: All of the tips we mentioned above should be done at your own disposal. 

If the problem seems complicated, it might be best to refer to the garage door manual or directly contact us. 

We assure you that there is nothing that the Garage Door Max cannot fix when it comes to garage doors. 

Contact us for any garage door repair in Kitchener, and we will get it done for you!

We also offer garage door installation in Waterloo, in Cambridge, and in Guelph.