Why would my garage door randomly open?

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    Functionality is priceless.

    People want the latest smartphone, the most feature-packed car, and a microwave that cooks stuff quickly than any other appliance in the household.

    There really isn’t enough time to deal with minor inconveniences.

    The electronic garage door opener is a lifesaver for those of us who need to speed up every part of our lives.

    Who wishes to just get out of their vehicle, raise the garage door, get back in, drive into and out of the garage, get out, and shut the door?

    Most likely, there are not many people.

    But, when that trusted garage door suddenly opens, it can also be so frustrating.

    Because honestly, it’s not just the comfort that is in jeopardy, even the security everyone longs for when asleep.

    Which brings most of us to the question, why would my garage door randomly open?

    Perks of Garage Door Openers

    With garage door openers, convenience is unquestionably a plus.

    Is it, however, the only one? Not in the least! There are real advantages to having an automatic garage door opener! Here are some.


    A great garage door opener has a rolling script that changes in a way that only the owners know.

    It’s to ensure that only they have keys to their garage – and therefore, to their homes.

    Some garage door openers even have a vacation mode feature.

    It prevents the garage door from opening for a period when the occupants are away, ensuring that no one can open it during that time.

    Some models also have a feature that automatically closes the garage door when the owners’ exit.

    It’s a feature that’ll come in handy if you’re a forgetful driver.

    No one’s valuables would be endangered because they failed to press the “close” button for such a garage door opener!

    Additional Light

    The garage is overflowing with bulky items and greasy puddles.

    As a result, when maneuvering around a garage, extreme caution is necessary.

    One way to ensure warning is to make sure the area is well lit, allowing residents to see all of the painful obstacles to avoid.

    The majority of garage door opener systems provide additional light for the garage.

    After all, little extra lights are always welcome in a room with many items to slip and bang shin on.

    Low Energy Consumption

    When the electric bill is due, the cost of convenience can be very high.

    All the gadgets charging and running will add up to a big power bill at the end of the month.

    Thus, it’s understandable if many are hesitant to add another energy-guzzler to their house.

    After all, being broke isn’t exactly practical.

    However, a garage door opener uses very little electricity.

    So, don’t get worried that running such a fantastic system would cost you much.

    The door system will last without using all of your funds in energy bills!

    Find Out the Reasons

    Worry about your question of why would my garage door randomly open? Here is what the garage door specialists from Max say about how to find out.

    How number 1: Examine everything

    Begin by inspecting the physical door and its automatic device.

    The problem with a garage door that opens on its own may be a loose wire in the motor or a sensor that prevents the door from closing fully.

    Look for bare or pierced wires, as well as damaged casing around the engine.

    If there are wiring issues it is best to schedule an appointment with a repair technician.

    Contact Max!

    Unnecessary pressure on the opener can also trigger issues, so manually open the door to check its weight regularly.

    If opening it is an effort, have a Max technician look at it and figure out what’s wrong.

    How number 2: Get Your Garage Door Serviced

    A garage door opener is like any other device or gadget.

    It needs maintenance to avoid seizing, dust, oil springs, hinges, and rails piling up and will lead to sending signals to the opener for the garage door to operate independently.

    A tip: The sensitivity of the garage door opener may be changed by the owner to avoid accidental opening and closing.

    Refer to the directions usually found in the owner’s manual.

    How number 3: Examine for Interference.

    Radiofrequency interference can be a concern with some older garage opener models.

    Bottom Line

    A garage door that operates randomly poses a security risk, so it’s worth getting checked out.

    Our service division at Max Garage Doors can assist with repair requests, ensuring that the garage door operates properly.

    So, contact us right away.

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