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    In any home or commercial property, garage door maintenance is often regarded as not important unless the hardware has broken down.

    One of the most effective ways to avoid delays and unexpected or emergency garage door repairs is to give the hardware regular upkeep.

    Garage doors with compromised health can put a lot of stress on the other moving parts including the garage door opener and motor.

    And the longer your garage door will receive a thorough check-up, the costly the repairs will be done to your hardware.

    Moreover, we don’t want you to stress over a faulty garage door so we have provided extensive garage door maintenance services for you.

    If you live around Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, or Guelph–we have the best technicians and outstanding garage door services for you.

    What is the Scope of DIY Garage Door Maintenance

    With today’s emergence of DIY trends and an array of affordable mechanical tools, people can become their own version of the go-to guy.

    However, we should remember that there are limitations to our DIY skills, and for that, we should look for the right people to do the job.

    Furthermore, even after a professional technician has looked into your garage door’s health, it is also advisable to provide it with regular upkeep.

    Regular lubrication is one of the most common and necessary upkeep your door needs.

    Read on to find out more about what you can do to your hardware in keeping it highly-conditioned.

    What Type of DIY Garage Door Maintenance I Can Do?

    DIY garage door maintenance does not necessarily require technical skills and prior experience.

    Therefore, in keeping your garage door highly-conditioned, do the following list of maintenance checks regularly.


    First, to ensure your safety and avoid unnecessary accidents or injuries, make sure to unplug or disconnect your automatic door opener.

    This will avoid activating the panel in the middle of your routine maintenance check.

    1. Clean and scrub the garage door panel

    Depending on what type of your garage door panel’s material, clean and wash them accordingly.

    By removing the stains and other detrimental materials, it prolongs the panel’s life span.

    If necessary, paint the door after you’re done cleaning the hardware.

    2. Make sure to tighten the moving parts

    Give your garage door a thorough inspection by looking into the smallest details.

    As the garage door is constantly moving, so as the other moving parts such as the bolts and nuts.

    Tighten them accordingly including the garage door roller bracket as it is responsible for holding and supporting the rails.

    3. Wipe down the tracks

    After making sure the garage door tracks’ loose bolts and nuts are tightened, give it a wipe down.

    By clearing away any debris, dust particles, and rust, it’s an additional precautionary measure for a smooth and quiet operation.

    4. Check the seals, springs, chains

    Make sure to grease the opener’s screw, chain, and springs annually or as needed.

    These components are responsible for providing support to the garage door while lifting and lowering the panel.

    With regular lubrication, it ensures a smooth and quiet operation including the safety of the entire household.

    Take note of the springs for the presence of gaps and replace them accordingly.

    5. Replace worn weather stripping

    If you own a steel garage door, make sure to inspect and replace your worn weatherstripping.

    Weatherstripping keeps pests, drafts, and groundwater from entering the garage.

    DIY Garage Door Maintenance versus Professional Technician

    Providing your garage door with maintenance does not necessarily mean you have to acquire technical skills and experience.

    As a matter of fact, garage doors should be given enough preventive maintenance checks as they are exposed to various harmful components.

    DIY maintenance should be done along with a professional technician’s routine preventive maintenance.

    Call Garage Door Max for Garage Door Maintenance

    Any home or commercial establishment with a garage door has experienced minor to major malfunctions.

    Dealing with a malfunctioning garage door is frustrating and inconvenient at the same time.

    Also, a faulty garage door compromises our family’s safety and security.

    For a well-conditioned and high performing garage door, book our garage door technician in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph.

    Seasonal or DIY garage door maintenance may yield significant gains to your hardware.

    But a professional technician can discern what your garage door truly needs and tackle the problem right away.

    Talk to our expert technician so we can start your garage door maintenance services today!


    Overall, a DIY garage door maintenance check is also helpful for your hardware’s overall health.

    Not only will it keep your garage door in its high-performing condition but it will also save you a lot of money from spending on unnecessary repairs.

    Furthermore, besides you providing your garage door with maintenance checks, consult your garage door’s faulty operations to the right service provider.

    By entrusting your garage door to a professional technician, it ensures the entire household’s safety.

    Always give precedence to your family’s safety, book our expert technicians today!

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