City of Regina’s tips for thawing frozen water pipes

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    City of Regina’s tips for thawing frozen water pipes

    Keeping a warm home and opening doors to rooms with water pipes will prevent them from freezing, according to the City of Regina.

    Keeping the thermostat above 12 C should help prevent freezing, as well as keeping walls near pipes from falling below 5 C. Keeping doors open to any rooms where there is plumbing will help prevent frozen pipes, such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry rooms.

    If you suspect the pipes are frozen, check all of the cold water taps in your home. If there is no water, you will have to delve down into the bowels of your home and search for the water meter. 

    If the meter, or the water pipe connected to it, seems very cold — try thawing it out. Options for thawing include turning up the furnace and/or opening doors to the room where the meter and pipes are.

    It is not advised that you thaw pipes with a blow torch, a candle, a butane lighter, a flame thrower or any crude method such as spraying fire from a lighter with body spray.

    Don’t use a hair dryer or a space heater either as the possibility of an electric shock is present if the pipes burst or leak.

    Check the pipes periodically to mitigate disaster in the event of a burst or cracked pipe.

    Other methods for preventing frozen pipes: 

    • Keep the garage door closed
    • If you’re away for an extended amount of time, turn off the water at the main shut-off valve and open the taps to drain the water from your plumbing lines

    In Regina, homeowners own the portion of water pipe that…

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