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    Did Your Garage Door Cable Snap?

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    A huge part of the system of garage doors is the cables. Garage door cables connect so many aspects of the garage door.

    It is essential to keep your garage door cables in perfect working condition. It connects with the garage door spring and lifts the door upon function.

    The role of a cable is to assist in lifting the garage door up. It also serves as a safety net in case of any emergency from the garage doors.

    Cables that are not in the proper place can make a garage door malfunction or unsafe. Keep your cables in check from time to time.

    See if they are bound for any repair job.

    We know it is one more thing to think about. Nevertheless, it’s good to inspect your garage as maintenance and assess its condition.

    Since the garage also serves as an entryway to your home, it should be in the best condition.

    Garage Door Max has services for your Garage Door Cable Repair. You don’t need to look for anybody else to fix your cable.

    We have the experience and expertise to do it.

    How do you know if your cables need repair?

    Faulty cables can make a garage door unstable. There are scenes and situations that point out an unstable cable in your garage.

    Is your garage door not working the way it should?

    Go to your garage and look at your garage door set up. Also, try doing a manual or automated lift of the doors to test the cables.

    Do your test check and look out for these:

    • Screeching sounds or noise from the garage doors whenever you open
    • There are track marks and there are frays around the cables itself
    • The garage door might suddenly misalign
    • The garage door doesn’t open, close or function well
    • The garage door also doesn’t work with the remote and switch (that function properly)
    • The garage door moves slower than usual
    • Loud snapping sounds when the cables give out
    • A faulty spring likely indicates a faulty cable too

    Since all parts of the garage door is a connected system, everything’s affected. You can’t have unstable cables and expect a working door.

    It will be a matter of time before everything goes down unsafely. You can be putting yourself in danger with a defective cable.

    Benefits of a Garage Door Cable Repair from us

    There are many DIY contents online on fixing your garage door cables. However, it’s best to leave the repair job to the professionals. A

    garage is an important aspect of your home. Safety and precaution should be in place.

    • It makes your garage safer as loose cables can be dangerous for anything
    • A fully-functional garage door in its proper position
    • Other affected parts have less chance of damage
    • Less unexpected costs from sudden big changes when the situation is worse
    • Experts are handling your garage door cables
    • Experience that helps in making your garage door cables more efficient

    Anything related to garages is our scope.

    A garage door has a unique setup and a bit of a complicated system of its own.

    It needs professionals to ensure everything is in place.

    At Garage Door Max, garage door services include its parts too.

    We can repair your garage door cable anytime!

    You need a trusted partner to work on your Garage Door Cable Repair. It doesn’t matter if it’s a minor issue or a big fix to your cable.

    An experienced technician can guarantee the safety of your garage.

    We are here with the goal to restore the cable in your garage door system.

    We are available for you anytime. No cable issue is too big or small for us to help you with.

    Here at Garage Door Max, we partner with you in keeping your garage safe.

    From Garage Door Installations until Garage Door Cable Repairs, we offer our services. All you need to do is contact us for any questions and concerns. We will be there to answer you.

    You also don’t have to worry about rising costs and surprising rates. We offer our work with affordability and reasonable quotes to make the service accessible.

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