Garage Door Making Loud Noises

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    Do you know that with each garage door nuisance noise corresponds to different problems?

    Moreover, let’s not go deeper into the subject and simply eliminate these annoying sounds so we can rest easy at night.

    The simplest way to tackle the issue is to listen to the garage door and locate the source of the problem.

    Then, replace, install, or repair accordingly.

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    Tips on How to Prevent Garage Door Making Loud Noises

    There are various reasons and culprits that make the garage door a source of a major headache and a nightmare.

    Although there are simple ways to fix the problem, some issues may require technical skills to resolve the problem straight away.

    In case the problem exists after you attempt to resolve the noisy garage door issues, do not hesitate to give us a call.

    Always give precedence to your safety in your attempt to eliminate the nuisance.

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    1. Lubricate the moving parts

    If you notice the garage door creates a sound when you’re closing or opening the panel, check your rollers.

    It is likely your garage needs lubrication or it’s time to get them replaced.

    If the rollers are intact, get them lubricated regularly with a high-quality lubricant.

    Lubricate properly, regularly, or as needed until the noise is eliminated or subsided.

    2. Tightening of the loose bolts and nuts

    With age and frequency of use, the garage door’s moving parts will become loose over time.

    If this is the case, simply tighten your hardware’s loose bolts and nuts, and be careful not to overtighten that may lead to another major headache.

    Whether it’s a simple and minor adjustment, do not go further in repairing or adjusting them if you find it difficult.

    Because there’s a chance that it might compromise not only your safety, but it may cause a bigger and costly repair later on.

    3. Replace or lubricate the spring(s)

    One of the most common culprits of a noisy garage door is a broken spring or it’s poorly lubricated.

    If the spring(s) is broken, get them replaced accordingly.

    By now, you already know the dangers of replacing a broken spring.

    Therefore, do not attempt to replace the broken part if you don’t have the right tools, equipment, and prior skills. Lubricate the springs if needed.

    4. Get a new set of hinges or lubricate

    If none of the aforementioned is the source of a noisy garage door, check the other parts such as the hinges.

    Inspect for the presence of wearing and replace if necessary.

    If the parts are in good condition, then lubricate as needed.

    5. Check for bent garage door track

    Check the garage door track for the presence of bents or cracks.

    If you notice the screw(s) is loose, then it’s likely the garage door track is bent.

    Get your garage door track replaced or repaired by a professional technician.

    Do not attempt if you don’t have the necessary skills and tools.

    6. Inspect the garage door opener

    If all of the above-mentioned sources are not the culprit why your garage door is making a loud noise, perhaps, you need to check the garage door opener.

    To eliminate the noise, make sure the belt or chain drive is not loose and lubricate as necessary.

    If you’re not familiar with how to lubricate the component, check your manual guide to avoid causing damage to your hardware.

    We Provide Services for Garage Door Making Loud Noises

    Do not attempt to do the repairs or replacement of the garage door parts if you don’t have the necessary skills, tools, and equipment.

    Unless you have the time and knowledge on how to handle the repairs, then by all means necessary, proceed with care.

    Always give precedence to your safety and ask someone to assist you.

    Moreover, if you’re running a busy schedule and want to make the process easier without even breaking a sweat and your savings–call us today!

    We assure you that we always give our best in every repair and service to avoid costly and unnecessary repairs down the line.

    Also, to prevent this nightmare from happening in the future, do not overlook the basic needs of your garage door.

    We provide garage door services to the residents of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph.

    Talk to our customer representative to provide you with all the necessary information about our garage door services.

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