Garage Door Opener Motor Not Working

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    The garage door opener motor is mainly responsible for assisting the springs in lifting and lowering the garage door panel with ease.

    Without the motor, it’s impossible to lift the panel open especially if the hardware is highly insulated.

    Daily wear and tear is the most significant factor that leads to the garage door motor deteriorating.

    With this in mind, we don’t want our customers to stress over a malfunctioning garage door motor.

    For residents living around the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and Guelph talk to our customer representative today!

    We have an array of excellent garage door services to get your hardware back in its perfect working condition.

    Why Do I Need Technicians for Garage Door Opener Motor Repairs?

    With the emerging trends of DIY including in the industry of garage door services, most of us are guilty of doing the repairs ourselves.

    Although there are quick fixes that we can do–some issues necessitated a professional’s skills and expertise.

    Garage door motors have specific details and requirements that only a technician can understand.

    For instance, as we are all familiar with garage door panels that come with different materials, and with different materials comes in different sizes and motor power.

    Indeed, we must know our limits as most garage door malfunctions are technically complicated, physically demanding, and even entails safety risks.

    To avoid any mishaps and inconveniences which might lead to costly repairs, entrust your faulty garage door opener motor to a reliable technician.

    What Prompts for Garage Door Motor Repairs?

    Commonly, daily wearing is one of the most significant factors that prompt garage door opener motor repairs which can be resolved in no time.

    However, there are detrimental practices that most of us are guilty of and that is neglecting to see the hardware’s upkeep needs.

    Therefore, besides the daily wear and tear, disregarding the hardware’s upkeep will lead to serious and costly damage.

    Some motor malfunctions require minor adjustments while other operation faults call for a professional’s technical skills.

    Do not attempt to fix your hardware if you’re not confident and don’t have prior knowledge of the technicalities of the device.

    Telling Signs Prompting for Garage Door Motor Repairs

    If the problem still exists after troubleshooting the hardware, don’t hesitate to call the nearest service provider.

    For future reference, you should know what the telling signs to avoid any inconvenience are.

    Another alternative is simply providing the garage door with regular maintenance checks.

    • The garage door motor is running after the door is closed completely
    • The motor is running but the panel will not lift open
    • The door panel is partly open or does not close all the way
    • The LED lights are not working
    • The motor’s trolley is moving but the door remained closed

    Usually, most of us with garage doors, do not give importance to regular upkeep unless the hardware has given up one morning.

    We Repair All Types of Garage Door Motor Types and Models

    We provide a range of services to every residential, commercial establishment, warehouse, and other industrial overhead doors.

    We know how inconvenient a malfunctioning motor can be and getting it back to its perfect working condition is of extreme importance.

    With that in mind, we made sure that our technicians can cater to different types of brands and makes.

    We don’t want you to strain the hardware’s other working parts that might lead to costly repairs that’s why we assure you together with our technicians to fix them for you.

    Cost of Repairs for Garage Door Opener Motor Not Working

    One of the most common issues among homeowners with overhead doors that require services is the cost of repairs.

    Repairs and other garage door services will depend on the magnitude of the necessary repairs.

    For instance, the motor needs total replacement, it will likely cause higher than minor issues.

    Moreover, we guarantee our customers that our services are at an approachable price.

    We don’t want our customers to worry about the repairs and simply focus on getting the garage door back in its peak performance.

    To know more about our garage door motor services-talk to us today!

    Emergency Repair for Garage Door Opener Motor Not Working

    A malfunctioning garage door motor is a dreadful situation that most of us don’t want to experience.

    However, hardware malfunctions are always an inevitable scenario in most homes that don’t provide regular upkeep.

    And given the hardware’s mechanism and frequent usage, it will stop working eventually.

    In the event where the hardware motor has stopped functioning, call our hotline for emergency garage door motor repair.

    Our garage door technicians are ready for disposal at any time.

    Call Garage Door Max for Bookings and Services

    For bookings and services, our customer representative stands by to accommodate all our clients’ needs.

    Our services are based on the standard price guide accordingly and that’s a guarantee to all our valued customers.

    We know and understand how important the garage door motor plays in the overall performance of the hardware.

    With this in mind, we equip our technicians with the necessary skills to resolve any type of garage door issues we encounter.

    Call to request us for free garage door motor repair costs.

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