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    Did you come home only to find your garage door is open? Perhaps, you forgot to close the garage door completely?

    We rely heavily on the garage door to secure our garage from the risks of illicit activities.

    However, how can your malfunctioning hardware keep you safe?

    When you’re experiencing a garage door opening on its own and you don’t have the slightest idea how to troubleshoot this faulty operation–call us today!

    Bear in mind, that one malfunction can compromise the overall mechanism of a garage door.

    Call your trusted service provider in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, or Guelph for fast same-day garage door services.

    Common Reasons Why the Garage Door Opens By Itself

    Today’s garage door panels are prompted to open and close with the use of its prompt buttons such as the remote.

    However, if you find one morning that the garage door is wide open; perhaps, your garage door is telling you that it needs some basic maintenance checks.

    Check out the following reasons why your garage door will open by itself without even using the prompt buttons.

    1. Identical Code or Frequency

    Perhaps, the adjacent garage has the same codes or frequency as you do.

    Although chances are low that your neighbor is using the same garage door opener but this incident is common with an old garage door technology.

    To resolve the issue, check while your neighbor is opening their garage door.

    If your hardware did the same, then, reprogram accordingly.

    For newer models, having the same codes with your adjacent garage is rare.

    Simply clear your history and reprogram your transmitter.

    2. Blocked sensors

    Check your photo-eye because something may have blocked the sensors.

    As we all know, the photo-eye is a safety feature that prevents any object under the panel from being hit.

    Therefore, once the laser is interrupted, it will retract the panel preventing it from lowering.

    Give your photo-eye a good wipe down and remove any dust particles or debris that cause it to block its sensors.

    3. Check the wall button and remote

    Make sure the opening and closing transmitters are all functional and working.

    You can do this by checking your garage door motor as it is responsible for prompting the door panel to lift open.

    Also, make sure your batteries are replaced regularly since a worn battery can send incoherent prompts or random signals.

    What Should I Do When Garage Door Opens By Itself

    When your garage door opens by itself without using its prompt button–don’t run! It’s highly unlikely that the ghost prompted to open a highly insulated door panel.

    As we all know, when a garage door exhibits a faulty operation, you need to see and inspect the hardware’s overall mechanism.

    One faulty operation can lead to a series of mechanical problems.

    In case you don’t know how to troubleshoot these issues, do not hesitate to give us a call.

    Our garage door technicians are up 24/7 to come to your assistance.

    Bear in mind, that when your garage door will exhibit faulty functions, it will make you and your family vulnerable to intruders or other illicit activities.

    Therefore, get the hardware fully functional with our range of affordable garage door services.

    Book Us to Avoid Garage Door Opening By Itself

    When your garage door has opened without using its prompt buttons–call our Garage Door Max technical team for assistance.

    We guarantee you that we will be right at your place in an instant–ready and equipped to get the door in its high-performing condition.

    Usually, some homeowners are reluctant about the cost of repairs, but we guarantee you that our priorities are your safety and security.

    Entrust the repairs to a professional technician that gives you additional benefits.

    When we do our repairs, we always give the hardware a thorough inspection as our basis in providing you an honest and proper diagnosis.

    For residents living around Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, or Guelph, request us for a free estimate on all the repairs and services you need.


    To avoid any inconveniences and faulty operations, always provide your garage door its needed basic maintenance.

    If you can’t comply with your garage door’s regular upkeep, connect to a reliable service provider.

    Knowing that the garage door is in its high-performing condition gives you a secure feeling and allows you to rest easy at night.

    Schedule an appointment today! So we can start your garage door maintenance as soon as possible.

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