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    Did you just pull your car in the garage just in time before the garage door panel crashed down?

    Luckily for you, you’re able to get in the nick of time, or else it could have been far worse.

    However, you need to resolve the problem before the dawn breaks the next day.

    This type of malfunction is commonly seen when the springs are broken.

    To avoid this incident from happening in the future, you should know how to identify the telling signs.

    If you’re caught in this difficult situation, what you need is a reliable garage door service provider that can accommodate your emergency repair needs.

    For residents living around Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, or Guelph–you can count on us to be right at your place in no time.

    Top 3 Reasons Why the Garage Door Slams Shut

    We are all familiar with the parts and functions of our garage door, especially the springs that bear all the weight of the hardware’s panel.

    Springs are responsible for the lifting and lowering of the garage door panel.

    This means, with this functionality and frequency of use, it will lose its resilient qualities over time.

    Garage door springs receive a significant amount of daily wear.

    And add to the fact that most of us often overlook the importance of basic maintenance needs such as lubrication.

    Listed below are the following detrimental factors that caused our garage door spring to snap.

    1. Daily wear and tear

    We can’t control the amount of wear our garage door spring will receive but we can prevent bigger and costly repairs.

    The key factor for long-lasting springs is regular preventive care by way of lubrication and visual checks.

    By checking on the springs regularly, you will be able to determine if the springs need to be repaired or replaced.

    Seeing the wear at the first signs will significantly save you from spending on costly repairs.

    2. Rust build-up

    Due to the garage door springs component or material; it is imminent that they will develop rust over time.

    However, if you neglect to scrape off these detrimental elements, your hardware’s life span will dramatically shorten.

    Keep in mind that the functionality of the spring facilitates the rust further from moving back and forth.

    If you neglect to lubricate, the spring will deteriorate eventually resulting in various malfunctions such as slamming shut.

    3. No routine maintenance

    Routine maintenance does not necessarily mean your springs will never break down.

    Instead, it prolongs the spring’s life span.

    Providing your garage door springs with regular maintenance checks will prevent a series of inconvenience and safety risks.

    Visually checking your springs accompanied by regular lubrication will prevent destructive and expensive repairs.

    What Should I Do When Garage Door Slams Shut

    All garage door springs will fail at any given time due to the wear and tear it receives every day–for the entire year.

    In case your springs have snapped, do not use the garage door and do not attempt to do the repairs by yourself.

    Unless you have the right tools, equipment, and skills to do this risky repair, proceed with care.

    Moreover, we highly advise giving precedence to your safety and call a reliable garage door technician.

    You may have the right skills but do not eliminate the idea of how the door panel weighs.

    Besides the weight, the hardware has technical requirements that if you placed the wrong size, it can prompt another malfunction.

    Get it Inspected Today: Garage Door Slams Shut

    When your garage door has slammed shut, call our Garage Door Max technical team for assistance.

    We guarantee you that we will be right at your place in an instant–ready and equipped to get the door back up and moving.

    Usually, some homeowners are reluctant about the cost of repairs, but we guarantee you that our priorities are your safety and security.

    Entrusting the repairs to a professional technician gives you additional benefits since they will give your garage a thorough inspection.

    This will help you prepare and prioritize for the next and much-needed services for your hardware.

    If you want to know more about garage door services, talk to our customer representative to help you weigh your options efficiently.


    One of the most effective ways to prevent inconveniences is to provide the garage door its needed basic maintenance.

    Routine maintenance allows your hardware to prolong its life span which significantly saves you from spending on non-essential and needed repairs.

    Therefore, entrust your garage door to a competent service provider in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, or Guelph.

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