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    Garage doors are supposed to keep us safe and secure.

    However, there are instances that we can’t control when our garage door will exhibit a faulty operation that makes us vulnerable.

    There may have been ways and simple adjustments that can get your garage door back but if the problem still occurs, you may have to call for help.

    Calling for technical support will not only keep us from guessing the root cause of the problem but it will save us from spending on unnecessary repairs.

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    Common Reasons Why the Garage Door Won’t Close

    A garage door that won’t close completely exhibits a series of problems that need to be resolved right away.

    Listed below are the top reasons why your garage door won’t close completely and what should be done to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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    1. Blocked photo-eye – Alignment of sensors

    Photo-eye shoots a green-colored laser across the other side of the panel.

    It is a safety feature installed on the sides of the hardware which is programmed to detect if any objects are obstructing the garage door panel.

    Once the photo-eye is interrupted, it will automatically stop lowering the panel to avoid hitting the object.

    The same goes for when the sensors are misaligned.

    Usually, when the door panel is retracted without prompting it or in any way, first, give your photo-eye a good wipe down to unclog any debris or dust.

    If the issue still exists, make sure the cord attached to the photo-eye is intact and working.

    However, after your attempt at ensuring the photo-eye is up and working, yet the problem still exists.

    Check the other hardware prompts if it’s working.

    2. Close – Limit Issues

    Commonly, when the garage door panel will not close completely, you need to check the door’s close-limit switch is adjusted accordingly.

    Our garage door has a close-limit switch which prompts our door when to stop closing and opening the panel.

    If the close-limit switch is not adjusted properly, it will prompt the garage door incoherent commands such as not closing completely.

    Also, a close-limit switch is responsible for not hitting any object or people close to the door.

    In case you’re having difficulty closing the garage door panel, adjust the close-limit switch accordingly.

    However, in situations where you find it difficult to adjust the device properly, let us know so we can sort the problem efficiently.

    3. The panel retracted before hitting the ground

    First, make sure the garage door rollers are not damaged because it can also fool the garage door to retract prematurely from the extra friction.

    Moreover, if this is not the case, check your garage door opener’s closing force if it’s adjusted properly.

    This faulty operation is often seen when your closing force is not well-adjusted.

    When Garage Door Won’t Close – what should I do?

    Various faulty operations caused the garage door to stop working or retract its panel prematurely.

    In case you’re caught in this situation and can’t follow through with the simple steps to get it back working–call or technical support.

    Calling for a professional technician’s help is the best thing that you should do to avoid causing further damage to your hardware.

    Also, let’s not dismiss the idea that any garage door mishaps come with safety risks.

    Therefore, do not hesitate to call for help because a vulnerable and broken garage door calls for an invitation to intruders or any illicit activities.

    Besides, calling for technical support will be beneficial to us not just on the monetary value but as well as our safety from the dangers of a broken garage door.

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    We are a dedicated team of expert technicians that’s always ready and equipped to carry out any type of garage door service.

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