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    As most of us utilize the garage as a functional place for our vehicles it is likely the garage door is exposed to wear and tear.

    Garage doors are subjected to a significant amount of wearing especially if it’s used as the main entry and exit of the property.

    And in case the garage door has stopped working, it will greatly affect our daily routine.

    One of the most common faulty operations garage door exhibits is that you’ll find the hardware difficult to lift open.

    There are various reasons why your garage door won’t open–read on to find out and what can you do about these faulty operations.

    5 Reasons Why the Garage Door Won’t Open

    As mentioned above, the source of a faulty garage door that won’t open comes from a range of sources.

    Some are easily dealt with minor adjustments; others are masking a serious problem that calls for technical support.

    Check out the list below on why your garage door won’t open so you will be able to deal with them accordingly.

    1. Garage door has gone off its track

    When the garage door panel has gone off its track, it’s going to be difficult to lift the panel open.

    First, make sure the door panel’s path is free from debris or any particle blocking its way including rust.

    Furthermore, you have to ensure that the track is intact and there’s no presence of bents or cracks.

    Once you made sure that the track is clean and yet it won’t slide properly, better call a professional to assist you with your problem.

    2. Unplugged power source: the operator is disconnected

    This may sound ridiculous, but oftentimes we forget that we have switched the power source off and still wonder why the garage door won’t open.

    Perhaps, check the outlet thoroughly if it’s working or not.

    You can do this by getting another device and plug it into the outlet.

    If there’s no power source from its current outlet, simply plug your operator into a working outlet.

    3. Your extension or torsion spring(s) is broken

    If you notice the garage door made a loud snap seemingly like a firecracker sound, get the hardware checked accordingly because you might need to replace the torsion springs.

    Another way in determining the extension spring is broken is when the garage door motor is running yet the door won’t lift open.

    There’s a high chance the torsion spring(s) needs to be replaced.

    4. Garage door won’t open: disengaged cable(s)

    Usually, when your extension or torsion spring has snapped, so will the cable(s) – it’ll go along and disengage as well.

    We can’t stress enough the dangers of broken springs or cables they entail.

    This issue must be dealt with accordingly with the help of professional technicians.

    5. Blocked signal

    When the remote will not prompt open, usually, what we should do is to replace the battery.

    However, after replacing the battery and the door panel will not lift open, make sure the remote’s signal is not blocked.

    Also, an out of range remote will have a hard time engaging your garage door to open.

    Make sure the antenna is not blocked or damaged.

    If the problem still occurs, if you can reprogram the remote, then do so by all means necessary.

    Call Us If Your Garage Door Won’t Open

    There may have been simple malfunctions that require little adjustments such as replacing the battery or checking if the outlet is working.

    However, for homeowners who are not keen on engaging with the garage door’s technical details and requirements, do not hesitate to give us a call.

    Our technicians are available 24/7 to accommodate all your emergency garage door service needs.

    We will make sure to identify and locate the malfunctioning part so we can deal with the problem right away.

    Don’t be vulnerable to any illicit activities lurking around the premises.

    Call us and we will resolve your garage door issues in an instant.


    Malfunctioning hardware is masking a simple to a serious problem and one of the best ways to deal with the problem is to get it resolved right away.

    Because the longer you use a broken garage door, the bigger and costly the repairs might be.

    Indeed, one of the most effective ways to prevent inconveniences is to give the hardware its basic needs.

    Routine maintenance is all about prolonging your hardware for a better and smooth performance free from all kinds of disruptions.

    Therefore, entrust your garage door to a competent service provider in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, or Guelph.

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