How To Adjust Garage Door Cables

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    The automatic garage doors have already updated their safety standards; we homeowners should still make appointments with the garage door service companies like the Max garage door service to conduct a maintenance check with our garage doors.

    Even if we see DIY projects on how to adjust garage door cables, it is still best if we take advice from the pro only.

    What do our garage door cables do?

    We might sometimes wonder what the purpose of our garage door cables is.

    What we didn’t know is that this part of our garage doors is one of the essential materials.

    It is running around the torsion springs, and They are the ones who are responsible for helping the garage door lift with the heavyweight it has.

    But our garage door cables have another objective.

    When our spring fails, the garage door cable will protect our garage doors from spring recoil.

    We might think that this objective is not essential still when our torsion springs break, it can lead to severe damage and might risk us from severe injuries.

    All the tension that is created in the spring can cause injuries and damage.

    That is why the cable is attached to prevent this from happening.

    We need to make sure that our lines are appropriately connected or call the Max garage door service to assess our garage door problems.

    Adjusting our garage door cables

    Like other parts of our homes, our garage doors also need attention and maintenance, and one of the things we must know is how to adjust garage door cables.

    Here is the guide on how we can adapt them.

    We will need to have:

    • C-clamps
    • Flathead screwdrivers
    • Ladder
    • Pliers
    • Wire cutters

    Starting our project

    • We must pull the rope that is in our garage door opener. It allows our garage door opener to release from the drive chain. The tension spring responsible for our garage doors to lift will become taut when our garage doors are lowered. Before we start fixing our garage doors, let us release the tension of our door.
    • We must always be safe from any accidents that can happen. We can prevent this by attaching c-clamps to our garage door tracks just under our garage door roller. We don’t want our garage door crashing down while we are working with the problems. The c-clamp that we have can prevent this accident from happening.
    • We must disconnect the cord; the cable that we have disconnected is running around the frame of our garage door above our doorway. One end is attached to either hook or clip, and the other end is wrapped around the garage door rollers; it is securing the garage door in the frame that is just near the doorway.
    • We must also adjust our garage door cable bracket. we can use pliers to help we get our job done. The pliers will help we eliminate the shelves from attaching the wire into the frame in the frame, and we then pull the cable wiring into the bracket for us to tighten it. Then we can reattach them into the frame with the help of the hook.
    • After fixing our garage doors, we must check the drum of our garage door, and it is a part of our garage door that helps the balancing. We must make sure that the cables are not unwrapped, and we have aligned them properly. If we already see that everything is in place, we can safely remove the clamps from our garage door tracks, and we can lower our garage door manually. We must plug our garage door opener.

    When we are in doubt

    If we are in doubt and think that this process seems complicated to follow or we are afraid to do these steps, we should call the pro to do this job for us; we can call the Max garage door services to help us with our concerns when it comes to our garage doors.


    If we are looking for professional and outstanding garage services, it would be best to contact Max garage door services as they have experience with garage doors.

    And they know how to fix our problems professionally, ensuring that we are safe after the job.

    How To Adjust Garage Door Springs and Cables

    We all sometimes wonder how to adjust garage door springs and cables; there might be available DIY we can follow still if there are problems with our garage doors, we should seek help from those who know how to fix this professionally, like the Max garage door services.

    Here we can learn the basics of adjusting our garage door springs and cable.

    Prior to beginning this adjusting procedure

    Many things might happen while we are not professional, especially on how to adjust garage door springs and cables.

    These problems are severe, especially things that involve the spring.

    What can our door tension spring do?

    Our door tension is the one that provides lifting strength for our heavy garage doors, and they are under tension; if we are careless enough, this can injure us.

    Can we repair or adjust our tension spring?

    Suppose we are following the proper instruction and using the right tools.

    We can tend to adjust it in no time without us getting injured.

    But this job is still risky, and it is still recommended to contact Max garage door services.

    We will show our door spring replacement, the ones attached to our bar that is located on top of the door.

    The cost of the adjustment/replacement will vary; it will depend where we live, as the materials cost differently from one place to another.

    But wherever we are, we must find professionals and gather estimates from their services offered.

    We can start this garage door adjustment by getting the exact measurement of our garage door springs, both their diameter and length.

    We must also measure the height and width of the garage doors we have.

    Ask for the materials like a 7×19 lift cable and garage door springs that double-lift.

    These materials are guaranteed to last long.

    The system of our garage door

    Our garage door springs come with a twisting force into its torsion tube to help it lift our enormous garage door.

    The garage door drums located in the end part of our tube are the reels, and it winds up the cable connected into our garage door.

    The common problem we experience with our garage door system is its springs and cable.

    The smaller garage doors come with only one garage door spring.

    Steps in adjusting

    • Clamp our garage door into its track. Using a C-clamp or a clamp locking pliers, we clamp our garage door into its way located at the top of the garage door rollers.
    • Wearing safety gear is a must. We don’t want a trip to the hospital while adjusting our garage door. It is safer for us to wear any protective gears that prevent severe injuries, for instance, eye protection and gloves.
    • Loosen or eliminate the unbroken garage door spring. We must be careful as the garage door spring will push with a strong torque as the garage door screws release.
    • Unwind the unbroken spring of the garage door. We must remove the bottom bar and unwind the garage door spring.
    • Disconnect our garage door spring from its center bracket. We must eliminate the bolts and nuts attached in the stationary spring cones into the center bracket.
    • Secure our garage door torsion tube. We must snap it in the center bracket using a C-clamp or a locking plier so the torsion tube located in the frame will hold.
    • Remove our old garage door spring. We must slide the torsion tube into the right side to remove our garage door cable drum.
    • Install our garage door left spring. We can now slide our new garage door torsion spring into the torsion tube.
    • Install a new center bearing. We must attach the garage door torsion bar to the left side, then slide the center bearing.
    • Replace our lift cables, bottom bracket, and rollers. We can now attach the new garage door rolls and snap the lift cable loop.
    • Thread our cables. We then run the garage door cables straight in between the door jamb and garage door rollers.


    We may find this an opportunity for us to use the DIY method, but this project is dangerous, and we are recommended to get help only from the experts in garage door services like the Max garage door services to get the job done.

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