How To Adjust A Garage Door Gap

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    If we see that our garage doors have gaps, it is an indication of invitation for the unwanted guest outside our garage.

    The hole we can find at the top of our garage doors, and the sides can let the rain, wind, and snow into the garage, while the gaps that we can see on the lower part of our garage door can let water in and other critters.

    Mice can fit in a garage door gap.

    Even the snakes can come inside our garage and can harm us.

    We all don’t want any of these things to come inside our garage and eventually our homes.

    Now we should know how to adjust a garage door gap, and if we are not

    sure how to do this, we can give the Max garage door services a call for advice.

    The gaps in the sides and top of our garage doors

    • We must inspect the stops. Our garage door stops strips of trim running into both sides, and at the top part of our garage door opening, we must cover the gaps between our garage door jambs and their edges. We can seal it using a flange or a flexible flap that will overlap into our garage door when we close it. If our stops aren’t working, it is time to move them.
    • We also must check the tracks. If we see that our garage door stops are excellent, but we find that our garage door isn’t completely vertical when being closed, we must then check the vertical section of our garage door roller tracks located on both sides of our garage door. They should hold the garage door at a consistent distance from our side stops and plumb. Our garage door tracks are attached to a bracket that comes with slotted holes. Eliminate the mounting bolts and nudge the trucks a little to make the garage door closer to its stops. We then can re-tighten the loosened bolts. If we are in doubt, we can get help from Max garage door services.

    The gaps at the bottom part of our garage doors

    • We can adjust the limit switches. If our garage door is not closing completely. Open garage doors are easy to access for wild animals. To discourage them, we can adjust the limit switches to compress the seal between the floor and the bottom of our garage door. We can find these limit switches at the upper part of the opener.
    • We must replace the seal. Our seal is one of the common reasons for this problem, due to the normal tear and wear and its age. Replacing it by ourselves is easy, and we can find materials in our local hardware. But remember, it is not recommendable.
    • We should compensate for the setting. Either our garage floor or garage framing, or it can even be both. If our door is made up of wood and the gap isn’t big, we can trim our door to follow our flooring.
    • We must replace the weatherstripping. For our doors that are made up of metal, we must replace its weatherstripping to solve our problems when it comes to the gap in the floor. We do have two methods in doing this. The first one is that is U-shaped that comes with two top edges that can slide into the two channels that are in our garage door, and the second one is the bulb seal it is compared to a garden hose that is flimsy and comes with a shape that is T that is spun on its upper part.
    • We can add more concrete to our flooring. It is expected that the concrete in garage floors will drop or shift after it is poured. To provide a flat surface, we have to add more concrete into it to secure the seals of the door.
    • We must install our garage door with a threshold. The local hardware near us sells threshold sets that come with rubber thresholds, glue, and strip.


    Even though we know that it is easy how to adjust a garage door gap, we must still consult with the pros in this field to avoid extra damages and injuries if we do a DIY.

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