How To Adjust Garage Door Opener

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    Garage doors are common to any house used to secure your vehicles and personal belongings.

    But if it does not open or closes properly, then it cannot serve its purpose.

    Incorrect placement and usual wear and tear could cause this.

    To fix it, one should know how to adjust garage door opener correctly.

    A garage door opener and sensor that are not properly adjusted can harm our property– worst case scenario – our loved ones.

    It may also entail unwanted costs if not addressed right away as it can further damage the whole mechanism of the garage door.

    What To Check When Fixing Door Opener

    Garage door openers come in either mechanical or electronic varieties, but they all have an adjustment mechanism that sets the distance between open and closed positions.

    To properly adjust your door, you must modify all three of these components.

    Get a ladder and move it closer to the opener, allowing you to adjust it as necessary.

    Although the steps below might seem easy, we strongly encourage you to seek expert assistance to identify what caused the opener to malfunction.

    You can adjust three different aspects of your garage door, which includes:


    Garage door travel limits indicate how far your garage door must open and close.

    To begin, examine the limit.

    The limit must be adjusted if the garage door does not completely close.

    You’ll notice a screw labeled ‘limit’ or something similar on the opener.

    Check your manual if you are unable to locate it.

    To begin, turn the screw one-quarter turn and then close the garage door.

    In most cases, this will be enough to close the door properly, but if it won’t, repeat the procedure until the door closes.


    A garage door opener with an incorrectly adjusted closing force can cause damage to the door or, worse, injure a child or pet who walks beneath the door accidentally.

    Adjusting the garage door’s force is a critical safety and preventive maintenance procedure that should be performed regularly.

    They control the amount of energy necessary to open and close the door.

    Adjusting the opening and closing forces protects the door while allowing it to open and close properly.

    Additionally, force settings detect obstructions that could deter the door’s operation and act as a secondary safety catch if the optical eyes – which typically stop and open an entry if something or someone passes beneath – fail to function.

    Testing and adjusting the closing force is critical for the garage door’s safety.

    To begin adjusting the force, check to see if anything is blocking the sensors on either side of the door.

    If there is, remove it and retry opening the door.

    If this does not work, you can similarly adjust the force to the limit to ensure that sufficient force is being applied to the door to open it.

    Safety Reverse

    The garage door opener includes a safety reversal system that automatically reverses the garage door if it encounters an obstacle.

    This safety reverse feature is intended to protect people, pets, and objects that may be in the path of the closing door.

    Finally, it’s time to evaluate the reverse safety.

    Remove a piece of wood from the path of the garage door and then attempt to close it.

    If the safety reverse mechanism is functioning correctly, the door should reopen without colliding with the wood.

    If it does make contact with the wood, the reverse must be adjusted.

    Adjusting the reverse feature significantly helps fine-tune the opener’s down and up force.

    You must have sufficient skills and knowledge regarding garage doors to perform this task effectively.

    Locate the force adjustment knob on the opener to begin.

    Once located, adjust both the up and downforce by turning the knob.

    Lift and lower the door, observing for reversals to ensure that the reverse feature is adequately adjusted.

    If the door continues to malfunction, immediately call MAX for a technician who can repair the garage door’s force safely.

    Hire Professional Repair Service for All Your Garage Door Needs

    Every garage door problem is unique, and to address it fast without spending a lot, you need to call garage door specialists.

    Suppose you are not confident enough to learn how to adjust garage door opener, then it’s best to leave the job to us.

    In that case, it is a good idea to have it inspected by a professional garage door repair person.

    Contact MAX now for thorough, expert, and quick service.

    We provide high-quality garage door repairs at a price that is within your budget.

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