How To Align Garage Door Sensors Chamberlain

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    Even if our garage doors are sturdy and durable, there are still parts of our garage doors that will break over time.

    Once our garage door is damaged, there is a chance that our cars will get stuck inside our garage.

    We are giving us trouble and resulting in our headaches and frustrations.

    If we are looking for ways how to align garage door sensors chamberlain, we come to the right page.

    But for our broken garage doors we suggest that we contact the Max garage door services to repair our garage door problems.

    What are the sensors in our garage doors?

    These sensors are also called the safety eye or the photo-eye; the sensors in our garage doors are helpful as they are responsible for detecting obstacles in the way of our garage door.

    It helps the garage door simplify its use from stopping on closing when someone or something is underneath the garage door.

    As written in the name, the safety eyes are there to help us be more safe and secured.

    We can find two sensors in our garage doors.

    The one is for receiving the signal, and the other one is the one who sends the signals.

    They are both connected with invisible beams, and it ensures that the garage doorway is clear and the garage door will hit no one.

    How can we know if our garage door is working fine?

    As long as both lights are working fine and no lights are blinking, our garage door sensors are excellent.

    But if the light of the receiving sensor is flashing, we might want to contact Max garage door service to assess the problem.

    Although there are ways how to align garage door sensors chamberlain, we should get someone who knows about the garage doors if this is the problem.

    Something might be blocking the beams of our garage door sensors.

    Since our garage door sensors are near the ground, different kinds of items might be on their way.

    We also use our garage area as storage, which means we also have other things inside the garage area that can cause a blockage in the invisible beams.

    Whatever the reason is, the most common thing we can notice if our garage door sensors are broken is when it will not close.

    Instead of closing, it will lift again every time we try to complete it.

    How can we align our garage door sensors?

    They say fixing the garage sensors is the most straightforward repair we can make on our garage doors. With that, we must know the safety measures for ourselves and our garage doors. We must also make sure that we are only using the right tools to break it even more. Here are guides on how we can align our garage door sensors:\

    • We shall first evaluate the problem and test it once again before performing the project: We must try to use the wall switch instead of using the garage door remote. If it is not working, we can press and hold our wall switch to shut our garage door down.
    • We then check for other obstructions down our garage door sensors way: As being said, many things can go into our garage door sensors. We must try to find something covering the invisible beams, then let us try to close and open it again.
    • We must also assess if our garage door sensors are dirty: Unfortunately, because they are attached to the lower part of the garage door, they tend to get dirty, and if these sensors are dirty, both of our light beams won’t work.

    If the methods above won’t work, here are some ways 12 can also try with our garage door sensors:

    • Eliminate the garage door sensors screw, and we must remove it from the bracket.
    • We also must check the wires that power up our garage door sensors.
    • If nothing works, we should call the pro to assess it and repair it.


    Our garage door can be dangerous, especially if it has problems.

    Garage door sensors can save us from being injured or can protect our stuff, pets, and most especially kids when it is blocking the way of the garage door.

    Therefore if we experience troubles with our garage doors, we must call the pro in garage door services.

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