How To Fix Garage Door Cable

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    A garage door operates through numerous parts that work simultaneously.

    Each piece is critical for it to work efficiently and safely, such as cable.

    A garage door cable failure may have a significant impact on your garage’s functionality.

    Learn how to fix garage door cable and the causes of damage to mitigate more problems.

    Understanding Mechanism of Garage Cable

    Your garage door’s cable is a crucial element for its functionality.

    The cable and spring work in conjunction to support the garage door’s seamless opening by relieving the weight of the door and allowing it to rise much of the way up on its own.

    Cables installed are a safety mechanism connected to the torsion springs and perform the heavy lifting every time the garage door is closed or opened.

    When spring is correctly cabled, it can fall harmlessly to the ground, avoiding injury and property damage.

    Your garage door’s cable must be precisely aligned.

    Be in the lookout for the following indications of cable failure:

    • The door is stuck.
    • The door is closing or opening too fast
    • The door is crooked or uneven.

    Broken pulleys and springs can cause damage to your garage door cables.

    If your door begins to exhibit signs of failure, contact us for immediate assistance.

    What Could Cause the Cable to Malfunction?

    For garage doors to function properly, the tension between the cables and springs must be precisely balanced, and if that balance is disrupted, the cable will dismantle.

    Usually, a sign of damage would be a wire/cable hung near the garage door.

    Sometimes, even if the spring looks okay, the door does not open or close correctly is another telltale sign of cable damage.

    Cables on garage doors may become dislodged for various reasons.

    • The door has collided with an object.
    • Torsion spring(s) have snapped.
    • The cable is too large or small for the door.
    • The spring tension is incorrectly set.

    However, different inspection procedures are necessary to assess if the cables are causing the problem.

    Other factors may also contribute to the garage door issues, so in-depth evaluation done by a professional garage repair service is necessary.

    How To Repair Garage Cable

    When the first signs of strain become visible, we recommend replacing garage door cables immediately.

    It is feasible to learn on your own how to fix garage door cable.

    However, due to the high stress on the springs and cables, it is far better to work with a specialist.

    Taking the stress off a garage door cable can be a difficult task and risky.

    If you want to do it yourself, you must understand how to release tension from a garage door spring properly.

    The following are some tips for adjusting the spring tension of your garage door:

    • To begin, ensure that you have the proper tools and work carefully.
    • The next step is to secure the door before proceeding with the repairs, specifically ensuring no remaining tension in the springs. Open the door and hold it in place on each track underneath the bottom rollers with C-clamps or two locking pliers.
    • After adjusting the spring tension, you must replace the cones, run the new cable up the sidetrack, and make sure the cable wraps around the plastic cone.
    • From this point, you can re-tension the springs and cable. Take extreme caution when dealing with spring stress, as you risk causing more damage and injury if you make an error. Check the door to guarantee that the tension is enough.

    Seek Our Help to Fix Your Garage Door, Professionally!

    Replacement of garage door cables is a risky job that needs expert skills.

    If you think your garage door is damaged or not functioning properly, call Max to help you repair it in no time.

    A malfunctioning door is potentially dangerous, and if not set the right way, it can result in an injury.

    Bear in mind that cables and springs are subjected to constant tension.

    Your house, vehicle, and personal safety would be compromised.

    Our specialists are highly- qualified to perform garage door cable repairs.

    Here at Max, we make sure to provide the safest, most competent service possible to ensure that the garage doors of our clients operate efficiently.

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