How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

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    It is a major inconvenience for us garage door owners; when our garage door track is off, it can frustrate us.

    Additionally, this can also damage our properties and might risk us from having severe injuries.

    We might find tons of ways how to fix a garage door off track on the internet, but this method is not advisable for the repairs in your garage doors.

    We should seek the advice of Max garage door service, a company that specializes in garage door problems.

    Why did our garage door come off the track?

    We have all noticed houses in our neighborhood with uneven doors and halfway down.

    We didn’t know that the more we attempt to do the DIY method, we are trying to worsen our garage door.

    Our problem can be easy as our garage doors are just uneven up to a severe case where it will fall off our garage.

    We might think that we have to adjust it to make it work again, but there can be some more severe problems with our garage doors requiring an expert’s hands like the Max garage door service.

    What if our garage door came off track?

    If we find that our garage doors came off the track, we shouldn’t use them unless we know how to fix a garage door off track. We can’t risk the garage door to take more damages. Max garage door services can do the work for you!

    The cause of our off-track garage door

    • It might have a broken spring: If we try to operate our garage door with its broken spring, it will trigger the other side to carry the overall load, and it will fall off track because of the heavy garage door.
    • Our garage doors are damaged: If our garage doors are damaged either at the top or bottom part of the panel, it will still cause a garage door off track.
    • We have bad rollers: As time goes by, the rollers help our garage door move up and down. It can become frozen, shaky, or over time can wear out, or it can fall off entirely from your garage.
    • Our track is obstructed: most of the time, our track is not working because of something that might have fallen into it that we didn’t see or our track accidentally bent.
    • The garage door hardware has loosened: The daily use of our garage doors will cause the bolts and nuts to loosen from holding our garage door.
    • Some of our family members might hit our garage door: Sometimes, we can hit our garage door without us noticing, and it causes damage to our doors.

    Steps on how we can get our garage door back on track

    • We must disconnect the opener: before we start our project, we must first find the console that helps us control our garage door opener. We then pull on the string for us to disengage our opener.
    • We must secure and open our garage door: We must check that our garage door is eliminated from our opener, then we must lift it until it is aligned with one of the garage door rollers. It will require us to be careful as this might harm ys.
    • We then bring our wheels back into the track: We can use pliers to open our garage door track, ideally where the garage door roller has jumped out of the way.
    • We must manually check the alignment: Now that we have fixed each roller. We should do the next step to check our rollers manually to ensure that it is working correctly.
    • We also must check the automatic operation: Now that we have put our garage door trackback and are already working correctly. It is now time for us to check our garage door automatic process.

    Fixing our off-track garage door is simple if we know how to fix it accurately and have the right tools.

    But we have to keep in mind that we should leave this with the people who are experts in this field.


    It is expected that our garage doors will go out of the track, especially that we are using them every day.

    When we see problems with our garage doors, we should immediately contact the experts, especially the Max garage door services.

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